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Pukas - Acid Plan by Axel Lorentz 5'10 (32.38L) Surfebrett

Pukas Surf

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Pukas Acid Plan by Axel Lorentz 5'10 Surfebrett
Shaper: Axel Lorentz / Pukas Surf
Størrelse: 5'10''' x 20.25 x 2.50 - 32,38 L
Finneoppsett: Twin Fin
Konstruksjon:  PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)


· Pukas Acid Plan: Twin-Fin, Alternative & Radical ·

We bring you a whole new buddy for high performance. This is how we can rapidly describe our new high performance design that encompasses years and years of experience designing twin-fin and high performance surfboards.

Pukas’ Head of Shape Designs, Axel Lorentz, has brought up as a result something alternative to the high performance twin fin arena: the new Acid Plan.

It was Hawaiians Mason and Coco Ho who legitimized this alternative twin-fin design in Mexico, while filming for The Electric Surfboard Acid Test by Stab. Since then, this board has won its rightful place as a favorite in our team’s quiver.

A solid ground has been stablished for a new chapter at Pukas: The Acid Plan.

Having high performance in mind, this shape here stands between the twin-fin and the thruster, bringing the best out of the two worlds.

If you are thinking about the fins, we recommend this as a 2+1, but if you want to go bullocks with it, custom order the Acid Plan with channels.

· Secret-Tip | If you have been in any of Wave Gardens locations, we should tell you that this surfboard is one of our staff's favourite when it comes to artificial waves 🔥


Pukas Surf

Pukas Surf

“Pukas Surf is a family driven company based in the Basque Country and has built a reputation for making quality high-performance surfboards and custom bikinis. Mixing a global view and a local knowledge, the group has been able to feed their surf addiction since they first handshaped a surfboard in 1973.

Along the way came the surf shops, the surf contests, the friends and the parties, the surf Factory, the profesional Pukas surfers, the good and the bad, the surf schools and the stokedness; Surfing at its finest. Pukas is surf and always will be.”

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