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Bluewater Dewax.it surfboard cleaner and wax remover is the ultimate solution for keeping surfboards looking great and enhancing your surfing experience.

The special formula in Bluewater Dewax.it will safely remove the unsightly presence of:

Surf Wax, Tar, Sticker adhesive, Grime, Sunscreen oils.

Removing the build up of old wax and applying new will set the scene for a new surfing experience and will mentally sharpen your senses to surf with more style and confidence.

Surfers have always been passionate about protecting their environment – Bluewater Dewax.it delivers a convenient and clean option that supports these environmental issues.

Bluewater Dewax.it is so easy to use and takes the hard work out of surfboard prep, whether for applying new wax, decals or pads or just keeping your surfboard in pristine condition.

Bluewater Dewax.it product features:
Safety cap providing a leak proof seal
Handy 250ml bottle size for easy storage
Non Flammable & Non Toxic


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