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We – Tao and Felix – know each other our whole lives. Back in the days, we began surfing at Munich’s inglorious downtown river wave – “the Eisbach“.  As surfboards get frequently crashed at the rough stone walls of this urban surf spot, we had the idea to produce our own surfboard repair kit.

In 2011 we rented a garage, ordered all the material and assembled the first hand-crafted kits. We knew, to be successful the most important thing would be to use the best available quality ingredients and to provide the kits at a fair price. Finally, we packed everything in a screw-lid box and named it


Today the production is outsourced to German partners including Caritas – a social factory in which handicapped people get jobs for packaging. We are proud to say that our products are not imported from Asia. BIG DING repair products are available in surf shops all over Europe.

In 2011, we started assembling the first BIG DING repair kits in a garage. Although it was sudatory work, it was loads of fun. Actually we never started this project because of the aim to earn big money, but rather because we wanted to build a product by ourselves. It’s more a heartfelt wish than business. However, we are very glad that today the production and logistics are fully outsourced.

BIG DING is a brand grown between the destroying walls of the inglorious riverwave Eisbach in Munich. Everybody who has surfed this unique world famous spot, knows how often surfboards get dings from the rough stonewalls. BIG DING was essentially the answer to the needs of local Eisbach surfers which is a big community. Today BIG DING is well known among surfers throughout Europe and one of the leading ding repair brands.

We are proud to say that our products are not sourced in China or other low-wage countries, but are assembled to 100% in Germany. We use only the best available quality components like the polyester resin Silmar 249a, Epoxy clear system, and Hexcel glass. We work together with Caritas, a social factory in which handicapped people get jobs for packaging. We are surly no samaritans, but we try to do what we do with passion and social responsibility.

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