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Surfpaints - Paintpens for surfboards - Pastel

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Surfpaints - Paintpens for surfboards - Pastel

Gjør surfebrettet ditt enda mer personlig med disse tusjene fra Surfpaints. 

Product Description 

  • 4mm Bullet shaped nibs to suit any project big or small
  • Pastel Colours include Turquoise, Light Blue, Beige, Orange, English Red, Wisteria, Violet & Grey
  • Travel Safe to be taken on your next journey
  • UV Fade Resistant & Waterproof  
  • Replaceable nibs including the option of Chisel shaped nibs
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Easy to use. Shake, Dab and Paint

For the easiest, fastest, and safest way to personalise your Surfboard, try Surfpaints.

Flare Up, Stand Out and Make It Your Own with Surfpaints. 

Customise your board to look different to the standard stock in the comfort of your very own home.

Surfpaints are designed specifically for Surfboards, however, because of the nature of the smooth, consistent, water based acrylic paint, they work on just about anything! This includes surfaces such as wood, rocks, canvas, plastic, textiles, ceramic and more.

Don’t let your age hold you back! Surfpaints couldn’t be easier to use for all ages. Everyone from Grommies to Oldies are exploring their creative side and adding colour to the surf all around the world.

Want some inspiration? Just check out our Instagram & Facebook page @surfpaints for daily posts of happy customers of all ages using Surfpaints on their craft.

✔ Customise Your Surfboard - Explore your creative side with the included colours in the Pastel Set to make your Surfboard stand out. 

✔ Guaranteed Adhesion to Surfboards - Surfpaints specially formulated water based acrylic paints are UV fade resistant and waterproof.

✔ Designed for Surfboards but works on just about anything - Not only do Surfpaints work on Fibreglass Surfboards, they work on over 12 surfaces including wood, glass, canvas, plastic, ceramic, rocks, fabric, cardboard, metals and more.

✔ Safe to Use - Surfpaints are safe to use and surfer approvedbecause customising your surfboard shouldn’t require dangerous products.

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