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Futures Rob Machado Honeycomb Quad set Finner


Futures Rob Machado Honeycomb Quad set Finner

Finneoppsett: Quad fin/4 finner til quad setup
Konstruksjon: Honeycomb
Ride Number: Balanced

The Rob Machado Quad is a new edition to the Futures line for 2019. The template was designed by Rob to compliment his Firewire/Machado Seaside model, with small wave performance surfing in mind. The set features an upright, pivot-style template, allowing the fins to have a very tight turning radius. Riders will notice quick response from the fins, and the perfect combination of speed and control. The Honeycomb construction is wrapped in a black exterior graphic and cosmic inner graphic.


               Side Fins       Rear Fins

Area        21.2               10.16

Height     4.85                3.11

Base       5.7                  4.15

Foil         FLAT               FLAT

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