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Futures AM2 Techflex


Futures AM2 Techflex - L
Finneoppsett: Thrusters (3 finner inkludert)
Størrelse: Large (80+ kg)
Konstruksjon: Techflex

The AM2 Techflex, designed by Al Merrick of Channel Island Surfboards, is a large size Speed Control fin with a Ride Number of 4.0. The template features a wider base and refined tip, for the perfect mix of drive and release. The Techflex construction and flat foil give this fin a stable feel, making it ideal for controlling speed in more powerful waves.

Height: 4.79 in,     12.17 cm
Base:    4.70 in,     11.94 cm
Area:  16.16 sq in, 104.26 sq cm

Foil: Natural Feel For solid, controlled ride. Predictable release for high performance surfing.

Take your surfing beyond glass-ons with Futures' next progression. Techflex was designed to stiffen up the fin in the right places with strategically placed carbon in the base and tip. This activates flex in the middle of the fin, creating maximum lift for those who prefer flat sided fins. The Tech flex is perfect for experienced surfers with a powerful approach or any level of surfer in powerful waves.


  • Stiffer than RTM HoneyComb and Blackstix, but softer than Glass.

  • For Surfers that prefer flat sided fins.

  • Great fin for harnessing power.

  • Works great in powerful waves and for powerful surfers in all conditions.

  • More responsive than Honeycomb.

  • Perfect fin to transition from Glass-ons.


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