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Firewire - Too Fish Helium 5'9 (37.3L) surfebrett - Beige


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Firewire - Too Fish 5'9 Helium - Machado surfebrett - Beige
Dimensjoner: 5'9 x 21 3/4 x 2 5/8 - 37.3 Liter

Finneoppsett: Twin-fin Futures (finner selges separat)
Konstruksjon: Helium Technology
Farge: Beige (bildet er kun for illustrasjon)


An evolution of Rob's popular "Go Fish' model from 2017, updated with lessons he learned from the Seaside, this all new Too Fish model is built in Firewire Surfboards Helium Technology for light and lively response underfoot with significant durability improvements above other surfboard building methods given the use of aerospace deck skins on the top and bottom of the board, as well as a rail comprised of paulownia and balsa wood for controlled flex and rebound in turns.

Rob says that the Too Fish is :

"My favorite in small and weak waves because of how thick and floaty it is in the forward two thirds of the board, but this shape is also thinned out aggressively in the tail to enable hold in powerful waves. I've ridden the Too Fish in everything from overhead waves on the North Shore to perfect days on the reef at home, and also the weakest most disorganized junk surf at the beach break in front of my house. This is my favorite board for all conditions."

The resurrection of the Original GO FISH but with a new bottom designed for speed and function. I have removed the channel from the bottom and created a smoother flow of water throughout the tail while still encompassing the original design with some vee off the tips of the tail. 

Performance advantages

  • It is extremely fast and is very trustworthy in steep surf. It likes the pocket a lot more and has much more bite in it than a Seaside.  Works great at your true shortboard liters, largely due the wider tail. It also paddles a little better than the Seaside.  
  • In sizing up (2-4L above your ‘normal’), it may be the best board in our offering. The sweet spot is bigger and less critical, you can surf forward on it easily, it generates great speed down the line, but with great control and the rail still engages well. It was found to be more trustworthy in steeper sections that the Seaside and is an ideal board (rivaling/ even beating out the Sweet Potato, SUN and SAB) for a board with glide that has more performance. 


In comparison to 

  • Go Fish - It’s a lot quicker in the pocket compared to the Go Fish.  Doesn’t hold a rail quite as well as the Go Fish, but definitely much more maneuverable in the pocket.
  • Seaside – Rides VERY different to the Seaside. The rails bury into the water further and allow a tighter turn.  It’s also easier to change direction back to the open face after a little down carve or cut back.  The Too Fish pivots more like a shortboard. The seaside pivots more like an 80’s shortboard.  A little more above the water and you need to wash the speed a bit for it to roll to the rail. Especially in the pocket.



  • The sweet spot is very small (more so on smaller sizes) and you need to be as far back as possible over the fins or else it won’t perform to its maximum abilities.  If you’re too far forward it will still be fast and skatey, but it’ll just wash out or not come around when trying to put it on rail.  That being said, if you’re in the sweet spot, it holds unreal. 
  • A beginner to intermediate surfer could probably buy it a bit bigger to make the sweet spot a little bigger. 



Board Dimensions

5'2" 20" 1/8" 2 3/16" 27.8 L
5'3" 20 1/5" 2 1/4" 28.5 L
5'4 20 11/16 2  5/16 30,0
5'5 20  7/8  2  3/8  31,6
5'6 21  1/16 2  7/16 33,2
5'7 21  5/16 2  1/2  34,9
5'8 21  9/16 2  9/16 35,5
5'9 21  3/4  2  5/8  37,3
5'11 22  1/8  2 11/16 38,0
6'1 22  7/16 2  3/4 42,6
6'3 22  5/8 2  7/8 46,2


Informasjon om den originale GO FISH:

Who - Beginners to experts will reap the benefits of this fast and modern fish design.

When - "This board just makes me want to surf… no matter what the waves are like. It flies in small to weak waves, and if its overhead and pumping it draws unique lines, allowing me to approach waves differently and explore new lines".

What - At first glance the Go Fish outline pays homage to the old school fish but on closer inspection you’ll notice some subtle changes. I’ve narrowed up the swallow tip to tip to give the board more maneuverability and the narrower nose gives it a more speedier outline. The rocker on the Go Fish is fairly relaxed with a low entry rocker upfront combined with a subtle tail rocker, giving this board quick ‘up and go’ and maximizes its top-end speed. The bottom contours are best described as “BOARD EAT BOARD” and were inspired by a George Greenough design I rode a few years ago. I’ve refined it over the years and it now features a really flat bottom concave that runs down the center all the way through the tail. The two side panels run down each rail on either side of the center panel, and transition from concave to flat to Vee while maintaining the deep single concave down the middle. The overall effect of these design parameters, when combined with a keel fin set up, is a highly maneuverable and speedy board with tons of drive and takes the retro fish to a whole new performance level. AVAILABLE TECH: LFT (Linear Flex Technology) White Deckskin - LFT incorporates Firewire’s SPRINGER HD, a 0.75" (18 mm) wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in our SPRINGER technology. The SPRINGER HD runs the entire length of the board and plays a pivotal role in optimizing flex from nose to tail.



Firewire er dedikert til å heve surfopplevelsen gjennom innovativ design, nye materialer og avanserte byggemetoder.

Hvert eneste surfebrett, tailbad og leash som lages, er designet med ett mål for øye - å forbedre surfopplevelsen så mye som mulig samtidig som produksjonen påvirker miljøet så lite som mulig.

Selv om Firewire nå er et kjent navn i surfebrettverdenen, er det mange mennesker som ikke er klar over at det faktisk har en dyp og rik historie som går tilbake til 1990-tallet. Firewire var faktisk opprinnelig surfebrettmerket Nev, som ble ledet av Neville Hyman, en respektert og produktiv shaper i Western Australia.

Hyman utvidet Nev og skapte Firewire i 2006, ved å bruke maskinell formeteknologi og epoxy sandwich-konstruksjon for å lage noen av de mest høyteknologiske surfebrettene på markedet. Siden den gang har nesten alle respekterte brettmerker gått videre til å adoptere en eller annen form for variasjon av Firewires futuristiske konstruksjonsprosesser. I mellomtiden har Firewire ekspandert globalt, kjøpt opp flere andre merker og lagt til flere av verdens beste surfebrettdesignere og shapere i stallen sin.

Kelly Slater investerte i selskapet for noen år tilbake og integrerte sine Slater Designs-brett i Firewire-familien, noe som brakte shapere som Dan Mann, Akila Aipa og Daniel "Tomo" Thomson til laget. Og Rob Machado har siden blitt med som designer og shaper, og har lagt til sin avslappede estetikk i utvalget.


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