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Carver Skateboards - C5 Bushing set

Carver Surfskates

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Carver Skateboards - C5 Bushings set

C5 Loose Bushing Set contains:

  • 2x C5 Black 93A Bushings
  • 2x C4 Black 93A Bushings
  • 1x C5 Pivot Cup
  • 1x C4 Pivot Cup
  • 1x Stainless Steel Carver Washer
Carver Surfskates

Carver Surfskates

The original Surfskate since 1996.

It all started one quiet summer in Venice, California in 1995. Greg Falk and Neil Carver had been surfing all winter, and were pumped to surf the warmer waters of the Breakwater during the long days of summer, but it was as flat as a puddle. Not even a longboard ripple to justify getting wet. So, like the many generations before them, they took to the streets with skateboards in search of hills to surf. The historic neighborhoods of Venice and Santa Monica are a veritable skatepark of steep alleys and banks, and as they dropped in on those asphalt waves they were struck with how unlike surfing it was.

There needed to be some lateral sway, sort of like dragging the nose sideways while still in full contact with the pavement. In order to achieve this, there needed to be some kind of flexible arm that allowed for this lateral movement, and after numerous sketches, they welded up the first Carver prototype truck in the derelict garage behind Neil’s house.

It’s been over 20 years since that flat summer, and Carver is going strong and still growing. Carver continues to make the most trusted and reliable American-made surfskate equipment available, develop cutting edge innovations, and drive progression forward for all the dedicated riders who rely on our equipment for surf training and just a fun way to surf the streets.

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