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Ekspertråd med 25 års erfaring | Lager/Showroom på Stabekk | Fri frakt over 1000kr / Brett 400kr

Sjekk ut Kelly Slater og Dan Manns nye Firewire FRK Plus Ibolic - forhåndsbestill ditt surfebrett nå!

Firewire har nettopp sluppet en ny versjon av Kelly Slater og Dan Manns FRK i I-Bollic Teknologi - den nye FRK Plus Ibolic. Denne nye designen har squash tail, en fullere rail og moderat rocker som gjør shapen mer allsidig for alle typer bølger og nivåer av surfere. I-Bolic teknologien er fremtiden og en kombinasjon LFT teknologien og Helium teknologien - best of both worlds! 

Ta kontakt med oss på epost post@surfshop.no eller telefon 922 37 387 (Espen) for spørsmål og/eller å reservere din størrelse i dag :)


"Kelly Slater shares a look inside his I-Bolic built FRK+"

Kelly Slater says “Funny enough, of all the hand shapes, I get that turn into models, I tend to have boards that work better for me out of the factory; just ones that anyone can buy.” 

"A newly updated squash tail design with a fuller rail and moderate rocker adjustments - the FRK+ is enhanced by Kelly Slater and Dan Mann"

Kelly continues with a description of I-Bolic, saying: “Instead of a standard stringer from wood, I-Bolic uses an I-beam and high density foam on the rails. We also have a deck skin that basically stops you from putting big pressure dings in your deck. These boards last forever. I never squish the decks when I have one of these I-Bolic shapes out of the factory.” 


"Kelly ticks the nose of his FRK+ past 12 noon in Hawaii"

Designed by Dan Mann, Kelly Slater’s iconic FRK round tail is at surf shops and online stores everywhere newly built in I-Bolic Technology, alongside Kelly and Dan’s all new FRK +,  an update to the original FRK shape featuring a newly designed squash tail, fuller rail and moderate rocker changes to create a more versatile shape across all waves and skill types. 


"The lineup watches Kelly Slater on his FRK + built in I-Bolic Technology"

FRK and FRK+ designer Dan Mann says that “One board is not better than the other, they're really two different things for two different situations - the FRK+ will suit more skill levels and more wave types, so if you're torn, go with that one. The original FRK shape is more dialed for powerful, round waves, and surfers of a slightly higher skill level.”


"A newly updated outline built in I-Bolic Technology. The FRK+ by Kelly Slater and Dan Mann"

Dan continues by saying that "The original FRK is really a finely tuned high performance vessel that Kelly can rely on whenever he needs to in a competitive situation or when the waves are perfect, round, punchy.... The FRK+ is really just enhanced in terms of its versatility. It's suited well for a lot of different wave types and it will work in most any wave you put it in if you want to rip, or progress your surfing."

An engineering feat that builds performance into the core of your surfboard without any external carbon layups or heavy laminations needed, I-Bolic Technology is also available in Daniel Thomson’s REVO design, at surf shops and online stores everywhere.