Handlekurven er tom


Phil surfing Keramas

Two lonely waungs, black sands, banana pancake, motor bikes and a stray dog or two. This is Keramas, Bali, four years ago. A big contrast to what is looking like today. With the event Oakley Pro Bali on, sponsors, loud speakers, crowds and tv cameras are covering the black sands of Keramas beach. The only thing that has not changed is the quality of the waves you can get here. Here we would like to share some of team rider Phils photos from a session he had at the spot for the event back in the days. Phil loves going over to Bali for surf, despite the fact that he gets ear infections, 2nd degree sunburns and the Bali belly every time.  

Keramas back in the days

-Keramas, Bali, back in 2009.


Phil getting barreled at Keramas

-Phil getting barreled.





Phil gets Bali longing when he sees these photo



A Keramas cut back

-The reason Phil gets "Bali longing" on a regular basis.


Ripping bottom turn

-Bottom turn, Keramas style


The reason why Phil keeps on coming back to Bali, despite the reoccurring Bali belly

-Playtime in Balinese waters.


-Maria Tornes for surfshop.no