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Carver Skateboards presents: Ride Together - en film om Surfskate historien


The heart of surfing and skateboarding is belonging to a community filled with creative, inspirational and diverse people. From how we ride to how we live and work, this feeling of belonging has drawn us together, made us cohorts in our pursuit of fun and flow. It’s a special bond made in ocean swells and smooth concrete, one that makes for lifelong friendships that go beyond just the time logged on our boards. And it’s one that flows naturally into our creative selves too, inspiring adventures and sparking stories that add to the richness of our time well spent.

At Carver we’re continually inspired by the people we get to work with. From the frothing groms of the USA Surf team to the rising stars of GRLSWIRL, it’s about bringing people together and sharing the stoke. There’s hardly a better feeling than seeing a kid paddling out for the first time, or seeing a friend getting their first carve down the driveway, and knowing that we’ve helped inspire a new member of the tribe to join in. 

Often we seek the uncrowded wave, the undiscovered ditch, so that we can have a moment to ourselves in this crowded world, but if we can be there with friends it’s that much better. And that’s the point, that to meet a fellow surfskater on the road is to meet a friend. We’ve spent so much time in isolation these past few years that it’s high time to reconnect, to meet up with our tribe, and to celebrate this ride together. 




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