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The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe The Continent

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The ultimate guide book for travelling boardriders looking for the best waves right across Continental Europe. 

From Denmark to Morocco and through the Mediterranean to Italy, this reference book is crammed full of detailed surf information, accurate maps and superb surf photos, displayed in an elegant, easy to navigate style. 

Indispensable on any European surfari, this compilation of continental chapters is taken from the The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe, the most tried and trusted surf guide available and often referred to as “The Surfer’s Bible”

The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe The Continent:

  • Full colour
  • Foreward by Dan Haylock
  • Pages: 215
  • Size: 280mm (w) x 220mm (h) x 15mm (d)
  • Illustrations: More than 370 colour photos
  • Soft back, coffee table style book
  • Book weighs 695g
  • Superb design and an ideal gift.
Low Pressure

Low Pressure

Low Pressure is and always has been a company devoted to surf and travel. Expanding horizons and highlighting the potential of a world of waves is the whole point of our business. We have all been lucky enough to experience a huge diversity of waves, people and cultures on our own personal travels, so sharing the stoke of discovery seems to be the right thing to do.

Low Pressure Stormrider Surf Guides

The Stormrider Surf Guides have been the end product of this devotion. They are very slow to produce…sometimes too slow, but this is simply because we do not want to put out anything that is slapped together to make a quick buck…we surf and travel and we know what we want to see in a book. So far this seems to have worked as our Stormrider books are the best-selling and most well known surf guides in the world.

It’s always difficult to get the balance right with a surf guide. Often considered a taboo subject we have done everything we possibly can to give accurate and comprehensive information without taking away the thrill of discovery. In order to do this, all our information is contributed by and double checked by local riders. If you feel we’ve crossed the line please contact us and give us your constructive criticism.

While presenting the surf info we try to remove opinion and personalities from the books to leave the hard and fast facts. The stars of The Stormrider Surf Guides are the waves themselves…all we do is try to present them in a clear and consistent fashion. One surfer’s 5 star wave is another surfer’s nightmare. The style is adapted to this approach – it is only a guide….you do the rest.

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