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Phix Doctor "The Drifter" Mini Travel Ding Repair Kit

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Phix Doctor "The Drifter" Mini Travel Ding Repair Kit

The Drifter er det perfekte settet å ta med på tur. Alt du trenger i en liten pakke for å fikse små skader på surfebrettet ditt.

The pack contains: 
*0.5oz/15ml Dura Resin Tube
*Dry Lock Ding Tape
*Dual Grit Sand Pad
*Smoothy Sheets
*Spreader Stick
*Logo Sticker

- The 10+1 refers to the ability of this kit to fix 10 average dings plus one emergency ding tape.

Phix Doctor

Surfboard ding kits are not green.., until now….Phix Doctor grows fast into it’s 3rd year as an alternative line of surf & sup repair kits offering higher quality conventional and bio resins in vibrant eco-flex packaging that’s 1/23 the carbon footprint of conventional packaging presently in use.

Not an ordinary line of repair kits,Phix Doctor blends the latest high technology with cutting edge bio and conventional resins to create a range full of surprises like kits with UV curing lights for night time repairs so your ready for dawn patrol, or super green bio resin kits sourced from tree sap and stocked with optional bamboo fiberglass, For minor repairs there’s the mighty Micro, paddle out with the original go anywhere water proof SunPowered Micro kit (Awarded a US Patent), or grab a tube of SunPowered fiber-filled Dura Rezn, that works on all board types and cleans up with soap & water. “We’ve had a tube on the car dash baking in the sun for 3 yrs and it’s just as good as day one!”

These products are airline approved and have endless shelf life..guaranteed! That’s right, no more wondering when that tube you paid for will prematurely harden. Most important, but not so obvious adds designer/owner Tony Gowen “this is new chemistry, our non yellowing, endless shelf life products allow our customers to repair their boards without getting a dose of toxic Styrene that’s present in other major brand UV cure resins.”

Now it’s clear to see ding kits are greener for the environment and healthier for humans, thanks to Phix Doctor!


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