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Northcore Leather Wallet - lommebok

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The Northcore ultra-slim wallet is handmade from real leather with strong, thick stitching- it’s a premium product made to last. Our wallets age beautifully to give the brown leather a classic vintage look but the compact slim design is perfect for modern life.

The wallet is only around 1.5cm thick when fully loaded and fastened. The closed width and length is only 10 cm x 7.5 cm, so it’s an incredibly compact, slim design which can slip effortlessly into pockets and bags. The compact size doesn’t limit it’s storage capacity though as the Ultra-Slim will hold folded GBP, EUR and USD notes and easily carry up to 8 credit cards in it’s split inner sleeve.

The ultra-slim is ideal if you’re out on your adventures, skating, hiking, surf tripping, biking and more as it does away with unnecessary bulky. Stylish, practical and built to survive, upgrade your wallet now!


Northcore™ is a British based, European surf & boardriding company with an international heritage, combining British innovation with European designers and pro-surfer know how.   Everything Northcore™ does reflects its roots in hardcore cold water surfing producing tough, practical products of exceptional quality, integrity and design.   Currently Northcore™'s primary products are surf based accessories, but they are continually working on new innovations in all the board riding disciplines to supply a growing demand for top end, technical accessories for todays surf and snow board riders.   Northcore™ supply surf products on a trade and wholesale basis through out their global distribution network.

As a company Northcore™ aim to continue to support growth in British surfing, boardsports and the creative talent that thrives in our collective lifestyles, by working with the best athletes and by embracing progressive film making, music, art and photography to establish a true sense of community.   Northcore™ strive to maintain a socially responsible company ethos by embracing a Carbon Reduction policy.   Northcore™ have sponsored 2000 trees in a Malaysian rainforest re-plantation scheme to offset carbon emissions and the long term support of environmental and recycling initiatives is central to their outlook.


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