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Ekspertråd med 25 års erfaring | Lager og Showroom på Stabekk | Fri frakt over 1000kr / Brett 400kr

MR X Mayhem - 5'9 California Twin Surfebrett (33.50L)

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Mark Richards X Mayhem - The California Twin Surfebrett
Størrelse: 5'9 x 20.75 x 2.54 - 33.50L 
Finneoppsett: 3-fin FUTURES - Finner selges separat
Design: Hvitt med gule og oransje rails
Konstruksjon: High performance polyester
Ideell bølgehyde: 1 fot - hodehøyde+
Erfaring: Nybegynner - Pro 

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MARK RICHARDS & MATT BIOLOS come together to bring you a modern Twin Fin + Trailer “Fish” with some unique tweaks to create a modern MR. MR’s classic lines, speed, and precision turns- with Mayhem’s small wave performance prowess.

A Modern, single to double concave, twin + trailer “Fish”, based off MR’s most popular modern shortboard…The SuperTwin. Mark allowed me the honor of tweaking his iconic #SuperTwin model to create a modern, user friendly, small wave weapon. We dramatically lowered the entry rocker, widened the nose and tail block, and added a couple inches of width to the overall outline, giving gobs of glide in gutless surf. We flattened the deck for stability, but retained MR’s classic speedy, down soft rails and his modern performance tail rocker…Ensuring it still turns proper and precise. Flat where it needs to be, but still curvy in the right spots, and skates along but still turns in tight spots. This is a Fish that you can grovel the small stuff, but still really rip on. Pictured with hand airbrushed rails from @artbyryder, reflecting Mark’s classic color scheme, with a youthful flair.

Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards

No advertising firm was hired to design the LOST logo.

Lost began in 1985 when Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends were into snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding at the Pipeline in Upland, and surfing in Dana Point. They weren't too worried about winning this football game or that contest. They were "team lost". Thus the name ...lost scribbled on books, t-shirts, benches, tables and eventually clothing.

We could say "Since those wild beginnings, ...Lost has spread slowly across the world. The Company has matured internally but continues to run off the same philosophy it started with. The Lost thinking now flows through its art, music, films, athletes and clothing" ...but that sounds like some PR firm wrote that for us. So ...Lost is whatever you think it is


Stock Dims

5’2 19.00 2.25 24.00
5’4 19.50 2.28 26.00
5’5 19.75 2.30 27.00
5’6 20.00 2.36 28.50
5’7 20.25 2.42 30.00
5’8 20.50 2.50 32.00
5’9 20.75 2.54 33.50
5’10 21.00 2.60 35.00
5’11 21.25 2.63 36.50
6’0 21.50 2.70 38.50
6’1 21.75 2.73 40.00
6’2 22.00 2.77 41.50
6’3 22.00 2.77 42.25
6’4 22.00 2.80 43.00

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