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Mawaii - Face Care SPF 30 K3OS Formula Solkrem


Mawaii - Face Care SPF 30 K3OS Formula Solkrem

Solkrem av høy kvalitet i SPF 30.
Uten parabener og "reef-friendly".
Perfekt for surfing og annen vannsport i Norge og på surfetur.

Without preservatives. Without mineral oils and waxes. Without alcohol.
Without Parabene - Reef Friendly!
Fragrance: Aloe Fresh (hypoallergenic)
Mawaii SunCare is specifically designed for outdoor sports. The highly effective facial cream nourishes, protects, absorbs quickly, is water and sweat resistant. No lubrication film, the skin can continue to breathe. The Dermo K3OS Formula (candle tree extract) protects the skin cells from UV radiation, air pollutants and free radicals. Panthenol, jojoba, vitamin E and aloe vera have a vitalising effect. Suitable for every skin type and age.
    * Developed with professional athletes and skin specialists for the demands of outdoor athletes
    * Only outdoor sports sunscreen with Dermo K3OS Formula * - Active Outdoor DNA
    * Dermatologically tested
    * Hypoallergenic
    * Suitable for all ages and types of skin, even for sensitive children
    * Vitamins and moisture for the skin, promotes self healing of the skin
Mawaii FaceCare SPF 30 - Anti-Aging
    * Natural skin care with all-round protection
    * Dermo K3OS Formula - active DNA cell protection with candle tree extract
    * Protects against UVA & UVB radiation, free oxygen radicals, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other natural poisons
    * Water and perspiration resistant
    * Quickly absorbs without pores to clog, no heatpickles, no Mallorca acne
    * No slippery, greasy hands. Does not leave any greasy film or marks on the clothes
    * With aloe vera, provitamin B5 (panthenol) and vitamin E
    * Lets skin breathe and sweat, the protection remains
Mawaii SunCare products are Reef-Friendly because they do not contain coral-damaging substances, such as
    * Parabene (look at other suncreams after)
    * Cinnamate
    * Benzophenone
    * Kampherderivat
Parabene are not only deadly for corals, they can cause allergies and ensure an early aging of the skin in combination with UV radiation. Actually, what you want to protect with sun cream.
* The K3OS Formula - DNA Cell Protection
K3OS is the unique anti-photoaging molecule of the candle tree. K3OS reduces the formation of UV damage by protecting the cell nucleus, while enhancing the ability of the cell to repair itself.
Contents: NET WT OZ 2.6 / 75 ml e
Made in Germany.
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