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Lost Driver 3.0 Stab in the Dark 5'11 (29.25L) Surfebrett

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Lost Driver 3.0 Stab in the Dark Surfebrett                                     
Størrelse: 5'11 x 19 1/16 x 2 1/2 x 29.25 Liter
Konstruksjon: High Performance Polyester
Farge: Clean hvitt m/rød nose
Finneoppsett: 3-fin Futures - Finner selges separat
Shape: Rounded Squash


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Lost Driver 3.0 Stab In The Dark Surfebrettet som kom på andreplass i siste Stab in the Dark med Jack Robinson. 

Selges kun i et fåtall surfebutikker i verden. 



Length Width Thickness Volume
5'4 18     2  3/16 22,05
5'5 18 1/8 2 1/4 23,00
5'6 18 1/4 2  5/16 24,00
5'7 18 3/8 2 3/8 25,01
5'8 18 1/2 2 3/8 26,00
5'9 18 5/8 2  7/16 27,00
5'10 18 7/8 2  7/16 28,15
5'11 19  1/16 2 1/2 29,25
6'00 19 1/4 2 1/2 30,25
6'1 19 3/8 2  9/16 31,25
6'2 19 1/2 2 5/8 32,25
6'3 19 5/8 2 5/8 33,25
6'4 19 7/8 2  11/16 34,55
6'5 20     2  11/16 35,75
6'6 20 1/4 2 3/4 37,55


Informasjon om Driver 2.0 (som dette brettet er en viderutvikling av):

The DRIVER 2.0 is the continuing evolution of our most proven and popular Pro-formance Shortboard. Designed through direct feedback and ongoing refinement with rigorous testing from our pinnacle team riders, specifically Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto, as well as Carissa Moore and young Caroline Marks. The DRIVER 2.0 is a direct reflection of what our team has pushed us to create, to keep up with their pinnacle performance surfing demands.

Over the last two years, since the last iteration of the DRIVER (in early 2017), there has been a constant, almost monthly refinement, of fine tuning and adjustments to keep up with the evolvement of modern performance surfing.  We’ve literally made Griffin and Kolohe hundreds of DRIVERS in that time, with subtle, ongoing edits and tweaks. The good news is that this evolution also benefits the every-day surfer.

Updates include:

  • More gradual, “no flip tip” entry rocker, for glide and “no pump” speed, out the gate = Connecting sections more effortlessly and carry speed though drawn out turns.
  • Wider nose outline in the forward 18”, for more front foot drive and speed, down the line and through carving turns.  This also creates a stable platform for the front foot, when landing reverse and fin free tail wafts.
  • Thicker along the center with a more pronounced “vee” deck and low, yet forgiving rails = More paddle power and drive, but still sensitive, with the ability to engage the rail for 3-dimensional surfing. This added thickness does not feel “corky”.
  • Thinner, yet more boxy rails through the tail for quick reaction from heel to toe and holding in while slicing through high speed carves.
  • More rail rocker through the tail, creating more curve and a deeper concave under the rear foot = More POP, high speed, short radius arcs and vertical pocket surfing off the tail.

Overall, the dimensions and volume are slightly up from years past, allowing the top pros more momentum and glide, yet a still responsive ride.  At the same time, allowing Bros more forgiveness and the ability to ride what the Pros are riding.

Lost Surfboards

Lost Surfboards

No advertising firm was hired to design the LOST logo.

Lost began in 1985 when Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends were into snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding at the Pipeline in Upland, and surfing in Dana Point. They weren't too worried about winning this football game or that contest. They were "team lost". Thus the name ...lost scribbled on books, t-shirts, benches, tables and eventually clothing.

We could say "Since those wild beginnings, ...Lost has spread slowly across the world. The Company has matured internally but continues to run off the same philosophy it started with. The Lost thinking now flows through its art, music, films, athletes and clothing" ...but that sounds like some PR firm wrote that for us. So ...Lost is whatever you think it is


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