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Jam Traction - 6'0-6'3 Board Sock

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Jam Traction - 6'0-6'3 Board Sock
Farge: Svart/grå


This Superlight Air Circulated Boardsock fits a Shortboard from 6'0” to 6'3”

Designed with air circulation which makes it the lightest boardsock on the market. It’s great for daily use to protect your board from the sun or scratches.

Jam Traction

Vi introduserer Jam Traction til Norge!Jam lager Europeisk surfetilbehør, designet av proffe surfere for våre forhold. Sjekk utvalget Leashes og Tailpads fra Jam hos oss. Fri frakt i hele norge over 1000 kr.

Surfboard Deck Pads & Surfboard Leashes

Jam Traction is a European surfing accessory brand created by pro surfers. Our Traction Pads and Leashes have been tested all around the world at the highest level, reaching an outstanding quality and bringing joy to every customer by constantly creating new and original surf hardware with unique patterns and colour tones.

The origins of JAM Traction came about when Marlon Lipke & Gony Zubizareta, Two professional surfers, wanted to provide unique, custom designs that would fit and JAM with their style of surfing and outlook on having FUN. JAM was chosen because they wanted to produce products that would be fit for purpose and easily JAM and mould to everyones personality.

The company was first founded by producing Deck Grips for Surfboards. Once the Duo noticed that they were filling a demand with their unique designs they embarked on creating Leashes and many more products that are currently in development.

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