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Ekspertråd med 25 års erfaring | Lager i Oslo | Fri frakt over 1000kr / Surfebrett 400kr
Ekspertråd med 25 års erfaring

Futures AMT Alpha Twin + Trail Finner

Vennligst velg

Futures AMT Alpha Twin + Trail Finner
Finneoppsett: Twin Fin + stabilizer (2 twin finner + liten trail finne inkludert)
Konstruksjon: Alpha Netplus (Recycled Fishing Net)


  • AREA: 20.43
  • HEIGHT: 5.63
  • BASE: 5.04
  • AREA: 9.18
  • HEIGHT: 3.74
  • BASE: 3.25

Futures om finnene: 
The AMT was designed by legendary Channel Islands creator, Al Merrick, for Rob Machado's Robber model surfboard. The AMT generates maximum speed, drive and hold through big carves to perform around pointbreaks or lined up beach breaks. The AMT's honeycomb material give this fin a medium flex pattern while the large area provides ample hold in powerful waves. The set is equipped with the option to ride with a small trailer fin for increased drive and stability through bottom and top turns. 


Futures Fins

Future Fins began in a garage in California in 1996. Backed by industry leaders with over 50 years of surfboard building experience, the Longo brothers were able to use their engineering backgrounds to create products involving something they were passionate about, Surfing.  Today our passion for surfing and our commitment remains the same, and since we are a family owned business we are much more concerned with impressing you, the board-rider, than any board member.

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