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Channel Islands - Dane Reynolds Signatur Tailpad PPR


Dane Reynolds Signatur tailpad i to deler.

Farge: PPR - Post Production Recycled - NB: Varierende farger

"While results may vary and there has been no wide spread testing, Dane is pretty sure this traction pad will make you surf 25% better!"

The same vertical split flat pad from Dane Reynolds that we have all grown to love now in a post production recycled option.  Now you can get real grippy while feeling a little better about yourself!  The PPR (Post Production Recycled) pad is made from left over EVA foam that is then put back into big sheets to be re-used.  Every pad is unique.

Trying to be your own person?  No worries, because of the nature of the manufacturing process every pad is unique! Pattern and color will vary from picture.  

Medium kick, 28MM


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