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Carver - 30.5" Proteus CX.4 Complete Surfskate


Carver - 30.5" Proteus CX.4 Complete Surfskate
Størrelse: 30.5" (76cm)
Trucks: CX.4 Black 
Hjul: Roundhouse 70 mm 78A Smoke

The Proteus skateboard features a boxy template, giving your front foot more support and allowing for a wider stance on a shorter board, while the clipped nose reduces swing weight when snapping a turn. The concave spoon nose hugs your foot and increases leverage, while the proper tail kick gives you the pop you need for ollies, pivots and bonelesses.
The Proteus comes with the new Roundhouse Concaves, which are designed to increase grip over standard wheel designs. The arched surface flexes to hug the road, allowing you to lean into turns like never before, and come the closest to the kind of hold you get from a surfboard rail buried in the face of a wave.
The Proteus skateboard is also designed as a matched pair to the new Proteus surfboard, which shares the same template and performance characteristics, resulting in a seamless transition from land to sea.
  • 30" long
  • 9 7/8” wide
  • 17" wheelbase
  • 70 mm Roundhouse Smoke

Recommended with the CX truck set for snappy thruster/quad performance.

Carver CX.4 Surfskate Truck
This is Carver’s hybrid surf and skate truck. On the one hand it’s a lightweight standard RKP (Reverse King Pin) hanger and base, on the other it has a patented geometry that squeezes every bit of turn and pump from the system. This means that you can pump this truck like a C7, but it lands airs and rides fakie with more stability as well. This opens up aerial maneuvers, and keys in with the latest progression of airs in surfIng. 




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