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Carver - 25,5'' Tye Stick CX.5 Surfskate


Carver - 25,5" Tye Stick CX.5 RAW Surfskate
Størrelse: 25,5"
Trucks: CX.5 Mini trucks
Hjul: 69 mm/78A Smoke

The little backpack-sized shredder has never been more functional. This micro-surfer has all the performance of a bigger board, while still keeping the compact portability we love about a mini. The CX.5 truck set-up and 65mm Mags take it to the next level in surfskate performance.

Lengde: 25.5'' / 64.8 cm
Bredde: 8'' / 20.3 cm
Nose: 2'' / 5.1 cm
Tail: 14.25'' / 36.2 cm

Carver CX Mini 5.0 truck
The Carver CX Mini is Carver´s surfskate truck for small cruiser skateboards.
Pumping, cutbacks and small snaps on your hike through the city are pretty common and surfing maneuvres will be your daily routine!
As small brother of the Carver CX.4 the Carver CX Mini truck system is developed for small cruiser skateboard decks under 8.5" Inch in width.
The geometry of the Carver CX Mini is tighter than the big Carver CX.4 6.5 surfskate truck. This means that the turns will be tighter as well! The perfect surfkate truck for your mini cruiser skateboard!

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